Alaz Coworking & Coffee

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Your Comfort Zone

We think that work area and coffee should be enjoyed in comfort, which is why you’ll find loads of cozy corner, soft furnishing, and of course: plants everywhere!

Perfect Drink Mate

We take great care choosing the best drink for you, and produce outstanding coffee and non-coffee drink that we’re sure you’ll love.

Personal Workspace

We give you flexible office space you can rely on! We believe a great environment is very important as the fuel of your work, which is why we give you a relaxing place to stop and take some refresh time during your “usual” working space.

Well-Informed Service

Our friendly teams are always on hand to help answer your questions, and point you towards your perfect drink and tasty treats.

Alaz Coworking & Coffee

Alaz Co-working & Coffee is not merely an extraordinary working space or café! We heard your complaints that everyday you have to work in the same place, same atmosphere, and forced to be creative in the midst of your maximum boredom. Do you ever heard quotes that said, “Find work that feels like play”? In Alaz Co-working & Coffee, we bring “Work Space that feels like a wild nature” to you. Not only you can be free to play here, you can express your ideas and creativities too! Do you want to try the best coffee from various regions in Indonesia while you’re working? Don’t worry, do come by and taste our coffee yourself! Brewing everyday!